Sunday, June 30, 2013

Leadville weekend

After my long day of 14ers and stuffing my face I took off to Leadville to do some easier repeats of 14ers and just to be at altitude that was higher than Lake City at 9,000ft.  I drove straight to Mount Elbert trailhead where once again I slept in the back of the 4runner, I love this car!  Anyways in the morning I ran into both Fred Ecks (one of my pacers at Leadville and a 100 mile monster) and his wife Ann.  As I was chatting with them who pulls up looking for me, the man himself  Bob Sweeney and the plan forms.  I was going to run suffer up Elbert with Sweeney while Fred hiked with his wife and we would meetup on the way down.  It was another awesome day in the hills!  Here are the GPS tracks for this run. This gave me about 17,000 feet of climbing in 3 days, I was wasted after this run.


The rest of the day was hanging out at "The Compound" (Bob's place) shooting guns and drinking beer!  Just like being back in Nebraska, love it.  Here are the views out of the front window of "The Compound", doesn't get much better than that, right in the middle of the Leadville 100 course.

Saturday morning after waking up from a late night of drinking, we bagged our plans of doing Elbert again and I just hung out in town watching friends and family kick ass at the Leadville Marathon.  I needed a day off, I was pretty wiped.

Photos of the Marathon:

Wyatt Hornsby

Tim Long

Brandon Fuller

Stacy Wilkins

Drove home Saturday night getting home about 11pm, what a weekend.  Now I am laying on the couch Sunday trying to make myself go out for a jog.  Motivation is low, I am tired but in a good way.

Only 2 more weeks until pacing at Hardrock 100!  Hopefully the last few days did me some good to get ready for that upcoming adventure.

Scartop 12K in 4 days, that will be a fun/hard race with about 1000ft of climbing if anyone else is looking for a quick race the morning of the 4th, I highly recommend and it is in Lucho's hood so maybe there will be a rare siting, who knows.  The link to the race's website is on the sidebar of my blog if your interested.