Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dirty Thirty 12 miler

Thought I should throw up a little something on the race.  I was originally signed up for the 50k but dropped down to the 12 miler just to be safe with the ankle while it is slowly recovering from the roll it had at Quadrock.  The 12 miler is still a stout course with almost 4,000ft of climbing.  Anyways still drove up there at 4:30am with the 50K'ers that I carpooled with and hung out with Timko after the 50k started at 6am until the 9am start of the 12 miler.  So a long wait....

I started in the middle of the pack and took an easy the first 2 miles running with Eric.  When we hit the climb up the creek at about mile 3 I decided that I should get to work and at least treat this race as a tempo run.    With that said I made the goal of running every step of the course which I did until about 1/2 mile from the end on the smoothest trail we have been on all day (right before the picture below) I rolled my bad ankle again.  As I was being pissed at myself for being a dumbass I walked for a min to compose myself then jogged it.  Not to bad, the results are below.  I am really starting that think that my wife is on to something and maybe I should just stick to racing the shorter stuff.

This is the Strava segment of the climb up Windy Peak, think it will the only time in my life that I will see my name in front of Michael Aish.

Coming into the finish, photo by Glen Delman 

Coming into the finish, photo by Glen Delman 

Results-  9th overall, 3rd in age group