Ugly Feet

This page is a collection of photos of ugly feet, damaged by ultrarunning, cycling, skiing or any other outdoor activity.  This collection is from photos from my friends and myself, not random photos from the Internet.  If you have one to submit you can email me a photo and how it happened at . Enjoy!

Mike Littrell at mile 40 of the 2019 Coldwater 100.  Still finished like a champ!

Val Foland's nice ankle roll!!!  Making it count here.

Matthew Curtis: "Shredded a shoe and ripped off a nail early race."

Ryan Kircher's fun with frostbite.  Damn!

Matthew Curtis-"Fun colors from a broken toe mid Bighorn."

Ben Reeves- "This was after Pinhoti 100. The bottoms of my feet delaminated at mile 37 so I had to walk it in from there. Never had that happen before. Rained the whole race and was waterlogged. No crew or pacers so no option to quit. Never want to do that again."

Aftermath of Leo Lesperance first 50 miler at Antelope Canyon 50 miler 2/25/17

Shad kicking rocks at 2016 Bighorn 100

Shad about 2 weeks after 2014 Bighorn 100, sucker jumped right off!
Shad- the feet are little waterlogged after 2014 Bighorn 100


  1. I'm honored to make the first guest appearance.

  2. I had some pretty gnarly toenails after Bighorn '15. In the words of my doctor a few days later, "DUDE! Don't do that to yourself!" #soproud

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