Sunday, December 10, 2017

Festivus Games

Since getting poked at in a group email a few days ago with the statement, "Thought Shad only does Crossfit now"  it reminded me that I needed to get this post and photos up before I forgot about.  Gotta love my friends for reminding me.

Anyways once a year I try to do something that is way out of my comfort zone just to test myself a little and this year it was the Festivus Games.  Festivus Games is a Crossfit knock off where they hold the competition at gyms all across the country at the same time and you get ranked nationally at the end.  It also requires that you have a partner.  There were 2 gyms in Colorado that were offering the competition, one in Broomfield and one in Castle Rock.  Broomfield was sold out so down to Castle Rock it was.  Since it was in Castle Rock I was unsuccessful in getting anyone from my gym to be my partner but was able to recruit running buddy Terry Miller to join me and we had a blast.

There are 4 required WODs (Workout of the Day) that you have to complete over the course of the day.  Needless to say it was a little bit of a sufferfest but I did hit a personal best in the deadlift.  The workouts are listed below.  Terry and I ended up in the middle of the pack ranking wise at the end of the day both locally and nationally which is not bad for a couple of runners who lift on the side.

Thanks for joining me Terry, it was a good time.

9-Minute AMRAP

3 Minutes
- Box Jumps 24"
- Partner Holds Front Rack 95lbs

3 Minutes
- Pull-ups
- Partner Holds Tricep-extension On Box

3 Minutes
- Shoulder-to-overhead (same weight as above)
- Partner Holds Bar Hang

5-Reps At 8-Stations EMOM Deadlift Ladder
Male Intermediate
145, 165, 205, 245, 285, 325, 345, 365

8 bars will be pre-loaded and ready to go. On 3-2-1-Go! you and your partner will approach the first bar and, within 1 minute, one at a time, you will BOTH deadlift it for 5 consecutive reps each.

With a 10-Minute Running Clock


- 60 Row-Over Burpees
- While Your Partner Does Single Unders (SU)
Partners must switch if the rope jumper stops or misses.

- Calorie Row
- While Your Partner Does Wall Balls
Partners must switch if the ball hits the ground.

With a 4-Minute Time Cap
2 Rounds for Time

- 20 Dumbbell Reverse Lunges (10/leg, 35lbs each hand)
- Partner Wheelbarrow Walk 7 yards
- 20 Dumbbell Cleans (35lbs each hand)
- Partner Wheelbarrow Walk 7 yards
Athletes decide who does what. It doesn't matter as long as the work gets done.

All of the photos below were taken by Clyde when he stopped by to watch Terry and I do WOD3 from above.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cyclocross update

So it seems I just can not get into it this year like I have the past 2 years.  I have been averaging 15 Cyclocross races each of the past 2 years in the Fall but this year after the second one I decided to hang them up for the year.  Just not into it and really can not figure out why.  I have fun but just have no competitive drive this year on the bike for some reason.  If I am not going to try and be competitive then I am not going to spend the $.  There are other ways that I can have "fun" without dropping the cash to do so.  All I seem to want to do right now is jog around, lift heavy, and throw in a metcon now and again.  Since that makes me happy, that is what I am going to do.

So with that said here are some photos I collected from the 2 races I did taken by either B. Trammell or other friends.  Always a good time and I will get back to this next year.

Monday, November 6, 2017

San Luis- 14er Finisher!

And that is a wrap!  After 10 years of slowly picking away at the list of 58 14ers in Colorado between racing and training I finally wrapped them up on San Luis.  It was sort of bitter sweet which was expected.  Once again it was about a 5 hour drive each way to get there but this time I did not have to go alone.  The Bob threw his hat in the ring and joined me for the trip down there to knock it out.  Based on the suggestion from Eric Lee we did the mountain from the Creed side instead of from the standard trailhead and I will tell you I found it quite enjoyable.  Starting at an abandoned mine, you go over a couple of ridges on the Colorado Trail before turning off to head up San Luis.   This added more vertical and about the same distance as the standard route but without really seeing anyone.  We came across a couple of Colorado Trail through hikers and one person on the summit that came up the standard trail but that was it.  Pretty remote mountain out in the middle of nowhere in the San Juans and super easy.  I would like to go back and do the standard route as well just to get a feel for both sides of the mountain, maybe I will be able to pull off a ski summit this winter.  ;o)

Thanks to all the people out there that have joined me for a peak or ten over the years.  You know who you are and I am grateful to have had your company and friendship over the years.  Looking forward to some repeat summits via some new routes up the hills.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Wilson Group

Down to four 14ers left with a 3 day holiday weekend coming up with Labor Day, what is one to do?  Head back to the San Juan Mountains of course!  This time I would hit up the Wilson Group which includes Wilson Peak, Mount Wilson, and El Diente Peak.  Do 2 one day with the traverse and one the other, sounds like a plan.  These mountains are right outside of Telluride so it was a 5 hour drive each way again this weekend and ended up going solo which was fine by me.  Always good to get out in the middle of no where to take a break from day to day life. Anyways after this weekend we are down to one 14er left, San Luis!  Enjoy the photos.

Windom and Sunlight

So since I did not have anymore "real" race plans the rest of the year I decided to take a crack at getting back to the 14ers since I only had 6 left to complete out of 58.  First up?  The two that Bob and I did not get last summer in Chicago Basin due to weather and the lack of time.  This time it would be a solo trip for it is hard to get someone to drive 5 hours and then take a 2 hour train ride just to get there, then repeat that to get back home.

Took the train from Durango instead of Silverton this year because it gives me a few extra needed hours in the basin in case weather would become an issue which it was not.  It was a great day in the mountains and a much needed break from the outside world.  2 down, 4 to go......