Sunday, June 30, 2013

Redcloud/Sunshine 14ers.

Thought I would put a few short posts of the past 4 days with my photos.

So I decided at the moment to drive down to Lake City for a few days to get away for a bit after getting someone to watch the dogs.  No TV, phone, ect...  Left in the morning arriving in Lake City about 1pm.  After a light lunch drive out to the trailhead of Redcloud/Sunshine to bag them before dark.  This is an awesome 12 mile route with awesome views.  Here is my GPS tracks of the jog.  Numbers 42 and 43 of the 58 14ers.

After getting back to the truck and rinsing off in the nearby creek I drove over to the trailhead of my adventure for tomorrow and slept in the truck.



  1. I remember that trail being fairly runnable, though one peak at a time is about all I can handle. I guess it's easier if you wake up there and can get going early vs. driving from Gunnison like I did.

    How do you like that 1 1/2-lane shelf road with the sheer drops on the side? Always gives me the willies.

  2. I ran them in the afternoon after driving up there from Westminster in the morning, I got lucky with the weather and wanted to knock them out. It is an awesome area!