Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Fun Day....

Pretty awesome day playing in the high country followed by a hike in the Boulder hills, 18 total miles and about 5000ft of vertical between the two.  More than I should have done 5 days before Bighorn but at least it was all at an easy pace and I felt good the whole time. 

I actually took photos during the Mount Evans Ascent this year.  Hung out with Rebecca and drove her nuts with my consent chattering of how awesome the views are.  One of my favorite local races that I do on most years.  I believe this is number 8.  Heck this year we had sunshine, rain, and snow.  Why I love this race.

Then onto a hike in Boulder with a friend to show them some of our local trails followed by some Boulder Ice Cream.  Perfect ending to the day.

Time to put the feet up!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2 Week Catchup

Quick photo catch-up of the last 2 weeks.  Been a crazy last 2 weeks.  Instead of writing race reports I thought I would just do a photo blog post, mostly because I am too lazy to type up race reports right now.  In order, we have Georgetown Burro Race, Bolder Boulder, Flagstaff Mountain morning runs, and 11 Hours of ERock.  Been keeping busy.  Upcoming, Mount Evans Ascent and Bighorn 100 in the next 9 days.  Good times!  Bring on summer!

And that's all folks!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Numbers

Better month than I expected it be when I ran the report today.  I did not think that I ran that much mileage wise.  Not only was I surprised on the overall mileage number, the vertical was solid too.  Been a challenging month switching from road running to trail running.  That has been the focus with Bighorn 100 looming just 17 days away.  I am kind of already in taper mode but will still try to get in some solid vertical this week and next week.  The only goal at Bighorn is to treat it as a very very long training run and get that finish for my Hardrock qualifer.  I really don't want to race it and spend the rest of summer trying to recover from a hard effort in a 100.  What would be ideal is to be mostly recovered by mid-July and able to put in a solid 6 weeks of training for RRR100 in September so I could race that one hard.  We will see how it all plays out.  Going to be another busy summer!

The numbers.