Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mount Evans Ascent

The Mount Evans Ascent is one of my favorite races in the state.  I know, I know it's a road run but how many road runs are there where you get to race at 14,000 plus feet above sea level and not have to worry about your footing and just run and suffer?  The only other race that goes over 14,000 feet that I know of is Pikes and of course I am signed up for both the Ascent and Marathon there this year but that is a topic for another day.  This year was my 5th race at Mount Evans Ascent.  My past race results are listed below, I guess I have never put a race report on any of these races on my blog which is disappointing.

2011:Mount Evans Ascent 6/18 (2:29:51 for 21st place overall & 3rd in age group)
2010: Mount Evens Accent 6/19 (2:26:14- 29th overall & 3rd in age group)
2008: Mount Evans Ascent 6/21 (2:46:43)
2007:Mount Evans Ascent 6/16 (2:30:31)

Well this year my goal was just to try and be Mr. Steady Eddy and run it as a steady moderate-hard tempo run.  In years past I always ran it by heart rate putting the upper cap at 160 beat per minutes the first 9 miles to summit lake then go all out to the finish at 14.5 miles but this year I ditched the heart rate and just ran by feel trying to keep it steady the whole way.  Seemed to work out pretty good.  Here are my mile splits according to Garmin.

 I can not say that I more pleased than ever.  14 min PR in this race!!!  Never saw that coming.  I think this will set me up good for the Pikes Double in Aug.  Just need to dump in as much "running" vertical that I can between now and then into my training.

Result- 2013: Mount Evans Ascent 6/15 (2:12:15 18th overall, 4th age group)

Here are some photos all taken at about 14,000ft above see level and 1/2 mile from the finish line by my buddy Neeraj Engineer.  What a great day!