Friday, July 5, 2013

June Numbers

Finally a SOLID month in both the training and in racing this month.  It feels good to get back to normal (knock on wood) in the training department.

Here is how the numbers shook out.  You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

Right where I wanted to be mileage and vertical wise.  I even took off the last 2 days of the month just to make sure that I don't go over that so called "line" and recover a little from the month.

Positives of the month-  Got in 3 races listed below and I also got in 7 14er summits with 4 of them being new mountains that I needed for my 14ers quest.  Only 13 out 58 left to do.

1. Dirty Thirty 12miler 6/1 (2:01 9th overall, 3rd age group)
2. Mount Evans Ascent 6/15 (2:12:15 18th overall, 4th age group)- HUGE PR for me at this race
3. Estes Trail Ascent 6/22 (44:41 for 3rd overall, 1st in age group)

So overall I it was a great month and I seem to be moving my fitness forward.  The ankle seems to be holding up just fine but still recovering.  I did do the Scartop Mountain 12K yesterday which was another big PR at that race for me.  That report will be coming later today or Monday. 

Next up-  Pacing one of the seven dwarfs "Sleepy" at Hardrock.  Nothing but good times.