Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Running of the Red Hot 50K

This past weekend we went out to Moab to run the Red Hot 50K+. Before getting into a race report I thought I would do a quick weekly breakdown of my training last week.

Mon: OFF

Tues: Run 6.25 miles

Wed: Run 6.25miles/ Swim 1hour/ Lift weights 30mins

Thurs: Run 4.5 miles

Fri: OFF

Sat: RACE- Run 34 miles

Sun: OFF

Total ran for the week: 51 miles

Now lets get down to the quick race report, at least what I can remember.

There was 3 of us going out to run this race; Andrew, Tim, and myself. Andrew rode out with us on Friday while Tim and his wife meet us in Moab. Friday night we all meet up at Pasta Jays on Main St for a little carb loading. This is a great resturant with great service. It was the only place that we ate at the whole weekend where we were happy with both the food and the service.

We got up the next morning around 6am leaving the hotel at 6:30. We had to have our drop bags for the 5 aid stations there at the start line by 7:15am. I decided that I would only have 3 out of the 5 allowed drop bags (which I never used). All for the second half of the race. I did not put much in each bag, just a couple of gels and some extra sports drink. I figured between the backpack I was running with and the aid stations that I should be fine.

Right at 8am the race started up a dirt road. The first mile was a climb up and over the mesa (I guess that is what they are called). The plan was for Tim, Andrew, and I to stick togetter and just have a good time. After about 10-15 mins I looked behind me where they were and they were gone, crap I was not paying attendation and took off on them. I felt bad for doing that to them and debated if I should wait at the first aid station at mile 6 for them or just run my race. After about a 5 minute conversation with myself I decided just to run my race. My original plan was to run 20-30 mins then walk for 5 mins, keeping this up until the end. At this point I decided just to run based on how I felt. If I felt good I ran, if not I walked.

The first half of the race was a mixture of rolling hills, some moderate climbing, jeep 4X4 roads, and sandy trails. It was not bad at all, there was some slickrock that would beat you up a little when running on it. I crossed aid station 3 at mile 17 in 2:31. Right were I wanted to be for a sub 6 hour finish. At aid station 3 I was finially able to see Ashley and the kids, it was the only place on the course that they had access to until the finish line which lifted my spirts. Also at that aid station my friend Rebecca was there with one of her friends. They had driven out from Denver to cheer the 3 of us on. They ran with me for about a mile to see how I was doing.

From aid station 3 to aid station 4 was about 6-6.5 miles and a huge climb. The fourth aid station was on top of the mesa some 1500 or more feet above us. I did some walking in this section on the big uphills due to the miles starting to add up on the old legs but for the most part I was able to hold my own. About half or a little more than half was ran on slickrock, the rest was on normal trails. I came into the 4th aid station around 3:45-4 hours into the race. I am not sure the times from this point on because my batteries in my GPS watch went dead during this section, I forgot to replace them before the start of the race. This aid station was at mile 23.

From aid station 4 to aid station 5 was the hardest part of the whole race. The entire section was ran on slickrock which is harder than concrete. There was no real trail to follow on this section. We just went from pink flag to pink flag hanging from the brushes. Sometimes there were no pink flags and you had to find the painted symbol on the rocks to figure out where to go. I got off track a few times and added about 1/2 mile or so to this section with backtracking I did. I have never felt so remote before, there was times where I would not see another person for an hour or so. I also spent most of this section walking. I was having stomach problems and did throw up along with some leg pain due to all the slickrock. At times we where going sideways across a 40 degree slope on slickrock. This was very hard on the body with all the up and down hill. It seemed like this section would never end then we dropped into a canyon that had a sandy trail which to run on. This made me think that the 5th aid station had to be close, but I was wrong. After about an half an hour running down the canyon we had another big climb up the slickrock to the 5th aid station at mile 29. I came into this aid station around 5 1/2 hours after starting.

From the 5th aid station to the finish line was only 5 miles. The first 1/2 mile or so was up a small hill of slickrock from there you jump on a 4X4 jeep road that you follow to the finish line all downhill. Where the trail and the road meet you can look down into the valley and see the finish line, this got me going and I started running again. As I headed to the finish line I came across Ashley, Rebecca, and Lora about 3/4 of a mile from the end. I was walking when I came across them, they told me to get going so I did and finished in 6 hours and 24 mins.

This time of 6:24 gave me 77th out of 154 overall and 38th out of 57 in my age group of 39 and under. Not quite the results that I have been used to this past year but this race kicked my ass and I was under trained for it. Of course this time last year there is no way I would even think of running a marathon yet alone an ultra.

Here is the link to the website and results.

Red Hot 50K

On Sunday we drove through Arches National Park and headed home. If you ever get this chance this is an awesome place to go. I plan on returning there next month after the 24 hours of Utah.

Here is the link to the pictures that I took in Arches National Park


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Example of the Boulder Craziness!!!

This is an article that I found at the local paper here in Boulder Colorado. Enjoy.....


Sandrock: Turner training for U.S. trek
By Michael Sandrock (Contact)Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Glen Turner is planning on running with "Zzzoomer," his self-made running cart, from Oceanside, Calif., to Savannah, Ga.

For the past several months, drivers on Baseline Road in east Boulder County have sometimes been startled by the sight of Glen Turner running along the road pulling a trailer loaded with rocks, looking like some variation of Fred Flintstone. There is, however, a rhyme and a reason to Turner's strange training regime.

Sunday, the Louisville stonemason embarks on a 55-day run across the United States. It is an effort that, if successful, will be the fastest unsupported, transcontinental run ever.

Turner's 2,493-mile trip will start in Oceanside, Calif., and end in Savannah, Ga. He hopes to average at least 46 miles a day, for 55 consecutive days -- or less. Making it all possible is the "seventh-generation" cart he designed and built.

The cart -- nicknamed "Zzzoomer" -- has a single wheel in the back and two wheels for turning in the front, brakes and can hold a lot of weight. During the day, Turner will run inside the middle of the cart, pulling it and all his gear -- roughly 70 pounds. At night, Turner will sleep inside "Zzzoomer."

What is perhaps most remarkable about Turner's planned run is that it's a training run for a proposed run around the world. Turner, 48, would start that journey in July and finish 2½ years later. That run is part of the World Run Project.

"I need to know I really can do it (the world run)," Turner said , "and I need to know I really want to do it. Two-and-a-half years is a long time to be away from family, friends and work."
Turner knows he wants to run across the United States. He has been meticulous in his planning for this running adventure. He will have local kids following along online in community running teams at http://www.grtrunning.com/. One goal is to inspire children to run.

Turner is a pleasant, outgoing fellow, as seen by the many friends he visited with while drinking a beer at a Boulder Trail Runner's symposium last week at Sherpa's restaurant. That gathering was one of Turner's few nights out recently. He has been living an ascetic lifestyle, renting out his house and living in a renovated garage.

Turner sold most of his masonry tools to raise money, although last week he was still working. He was building stone pillars at Folsom Field, generating some last-minute funds. Turner has spent much of his savings building the latest incarnation of "Zzzoomer," and is looking for sponsors for his run.

"I totally scaled down," he said. "I am ready to go. I am in incredible shape right now."
Turner, who excels in six- and 10-day races, is coming off a third-place finish in the three-day Race Across the Years in Phoenix, Ariz. As is the case in many of his runs, Turner got stronger as the race went on, clocking 83 miles on the third day. Only the world and U.S. 48-hour record holders beat him.

Turner is comfortable running incredibly long distances for days on end. Last summer, he spent three weeks in Denmark running 35 miles a day. That, too, was a test to see if he has the "right stuff" for a world run. Turner has shown many times he does indeed have the "right stuff" for a transcontinental and even a world run.

The key, Turner said, is "emptying" his mind.

"I listen to music and get into the feeling of what I need to do now. I don't think about the rest of the world," he said. "I am into my own form, my own breathing."
There will be a bit of fun on his run across the country. Turner said the best part of running with the cart comes when he reaches the crest of a hill. Then, he sometimes hops on for a fast ride down.

"It's a blast," he said. "A real fun thing. I have been debating whether to do it on the (transcontinental) run. It is just too much fun not to."

Monday, February 11, 2008


Ok, it is now race week. We leave on Friday morning for Moab for the Red Hot 50K. I don't know if I am excited or if I am dreading it. I have mixed feelings right now. Since this is my first real year playing in the world of ultra marathons every race is going to scare me I think. I will get more into my thoughts about this race in a second, first lets look below at what I did last week for training.

Monday: Off, I was wiped from the weekend

Tuesday: Run 6.5 miles; Stairmaster 20mins

Wednesday: Run 7 miles; Swim 45 mins; Weights 30 mins

Thursday: Run 8 miles

Friday: Run 2 miles; Stairmaster 30 mins

Saturday: Run 9 miles in the am; Snowshoe 3 hours in the afternoon at Mount Evans

Sunday: Run 6 miles at 8am; Run 6 miles at noon; Run 6 miles at 5pm. Run 18 total.

Total miles ran this week 50.75

Now how am I going to run this race, the Red Hot 50K this coming weekend? I have mauled this over and over in my head. I think because of the fact that I need to keep training after the race, the next day, and that I will not be tapering that this will be like a super long run. I will run/walk it at an easy pace until I cross the finish line. I really do not care what my time is like I did at my first 50K (4:31) last Sept. I just want to keep moving forward and have a good time, I may even carry a camera with me and take pictures along the way. I think my goal should be to finish between 6 and 7 hours. Based on last years results that should put me right in the middle of the pack which is fine by me. I would like to get up the next morning and do another trail run while we are out there in Moab, even if it is only 3 miles long.

In case anyone out there is running this race but has not gotten the e-mail from the race director I have copied it below. Have a great week and I will post a race report next week.

Hello Red Hot Runners,

First, I would like to thank you for participating in this year’s event. I also would like to go over on what to expect at this year’s race. First, due to the numbers, we will be having a pre race day packet pick-up on Friday the 15Th starting at 5:00 pm continuing to 7:00 pm. You can pick your packet up at the Moab Music Festival Office located at 58 East 300 South, located in the same building as the Advertiser.
Parking is limited at the start line and the finish line, we highly recommend carpooling. Some overflow parking is available in the campground right before the poison spider trailhead at the finish.
There will still be packet pick up on Saturday starting at 6:30 am at the start line. Drop bags (50K only) will be collected on Saturday morning at the start line. Write your bib#, aid station number, and name on each of your drop bags. We recommend you get to the start line by 6:45. My aid station crews will be leaving at 7:15 to their locations. Other than that, I still recommend 7:15 at the latest. The 50k will start at 8:00 am SHARP and the 33k will be off at 8:30 sharp! There also will be no day of the race switching, from the 50k to 33k or visa versa. If you do switch during the race, you will not be officially recorded.
This year’s flagging will be bright pink indicating where to follow and red indicating the wrong way. The course will be well flagged just like last year. This year it has been very cold and wet, so there may be ice and light snow in some sections, so please be careful.
Our aid station vehicles are limited on space, so try to limit on what you put in your drop bags. Aid stations will be stocked with CytoMax, water, salt, candy bars, PB and J, limited HammerGel, potato chips, peanuts, Heed, etc... There is a 10 hour time limit for both races but there is not an official cut off time at any of the stations. But if one of our aid stations does not think you will make it, to the Poison Spider trail head, by 6:00 pm, they can pull you from the course. If you insist to go on, you will need to remove your bib and give it to the aid station attendant. From that point you will be responsible for yourself. I do not recommend going on in the dark on Golden Spike! Please check the website for mileage and the correct station number to put on your drop bag. Aid station 1 will be used as station 3 just to make that clear too.
The finish line will be at Poison Spider trail head which is mile 34 for the 50k and mile 21 for the 33k. There will be an official timing company recording your finishes and they will be posted throughout the day. Awards will be given to the top three in each category: overall male, overall female, master male, master female.
We do have two shuttle vans that will be taking people back to the finish line to pick up your vehicles. The shuttles will start about 11:30 am and will run until not needed. We will be providing water and other drinks at the finish. We also will provide a small lunch to each of the runners. That will be a potato soup served in a fresh bread bowl. Please be considerate because there is just enough for all runners to have one meal.
At 7:30 pm Eddie McStiffs has donated a space in his restaurant for a private Red Hot party. We will provide the keg of beer but to show our appreciation to Eddie, lets have dinner in the Mcstiffs restaurant. Also, If you go in the night before to eat dinner and show your bib to your server, you will receive a 15% discount on your meal.
Thank you again and I hope you enjoy this course as much as we do.
Chris Martinez, Greg Poettgen-Race Directors

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This Week's Training

I thought with the Red Hot 50K coming up in two weeks or so on Feb 16th that I would start posting my weekly workout logs. Maybe that will hold me more accountable to my training. Last week was a good week of training. It is the first time that I have broken 50 miles in a week since last summer. I just need to keep building on that. Anyway here is last weeks log.

Monday1/28: Run 6 miles; Weights 30 mins

Tuesday 1/29: Run 6.25 miles

Weds 1/30: Run 7.25 miles (30mins at 7:30 pace); Swim 30 mins; Weights 30 mins

Thurs 1/31: Run 8 miles; Yoga 1 hour

Fri 2/1: OFF

Sat 2/2: Trailrun 8.5 miles

Sun 2/3: Trailrun 19 miles; Swim 30 mins.


This was a very hard week both mentaliy and physically for me. I even took yesterday (Monday) off to recover. I am really under trained for the 50K that is coming up. I guess I will just go out there and run/walk it if I have to and just have a good time in Moab.

Train hard and have a great week.