Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wetterhorn/Uncompahgre Combo

After sleeping at the trailhead last night after doing Redcloud/Sunshine I got up early to knock out this route of Wetterhorn/Uncompahgre in one shot.  These 2 peaks are about 4 miles a part with a trail that connects them all above 12,000ft.  This route is not on and got the idea and all the details from Eric Lee, it did not disappoint!  I did the route backwards from how Eric did it though, I did Wetterhorn first then Uncompahgre last.  My thought on doing this was that I wanted to do the hard technical climb first while I was fresh and the weather was good.  This ended up being a wise choice.  On the way back across the high valley a storm moved in and I had to haul ass to get down below treeline before my luck with lightening ran out.  Nothing like a storm to make you from dragging ass to being able to knock out some fast miles.  At the end of the day the route ended up being about 18 miles with about 7,000 feet of vertical with about 17 miles of the route above 12,000ft.

Here is the GPS track for the day, it was a big day!  After finishing I drove back into Lake City to chug a beer or two and stuff my face.  Number 44 and 45 out of 58 14ers.  Only 13 left!

Next stop-- Leadville  that night!