Books Read

I put a * behind the ones that are worth reading.  If you have any suggestions of books to check out I am all ears.  Please leave a comment at the bottom with any suggestions.

2017 Books Read 
1. Hell or High Water: Surviving the Tibet's Tsangpo River 
2. Discover Your True North*
3. Extreme Ownership*
4. Road to Sparta*
5. Mastering The Zone
6. What Doesn't Kill Us*
7. Ego is the Enemy*
8. Maximus Body*
9. Exposed Tragedy & Triumph in Mountain Climbing*
10. Mountain Madness*
11. Alone on the Wall*
12. No Barriers: A Blind Man's Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon*
13. Bolivia: A Climbing Guide
14. Way of the Warrior Kid*
15. Abyss- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
16. War Buds: Under Attack*

2016 Books Read
1. In Harms Way- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
2. Because It's There
3. A Pound of Flesh- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
4. Allegiance- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
5. Paleo Diet for Athletes
6. Mortal- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
7. Grain Brain
8. Warpath- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
9. Ghost- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
10. Million Dollar Marathon*
11. How Bad Do You Want It?
12. Frayed- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
13. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide 
14. 26.2 Miles to Boston*
15. The Boston Marathon A Century of Blood, Sweat, and Cheers
16. Drawl: Duncan's Story- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
17. Fire On The Mountain*
18. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
19. Way of the Seal*
20. Mind Gym- An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence
21. Ultra Mindset*
22. No More Mr Nice Guy
23. The Manuscript
24. Living with a Seal*
25. This is Going to Hurt
26. The Contractor
27. Gates of Fire*
28. Arisen Book 11: Deathmatch*
29. Training Essentials for Ultrarunning*
30. Arisen Book 12: Carnage*
31. Keep Pulling Out Guns
32. Sniper on the Eastern Front*
33. District- Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
34. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck*
35. Into the North Wind: A thousand mile bicycle adventure across frozen Alaska
36. In Fifty Years We Will All Be Chicks*
37. 2016 Boulder Running Journal*
38. Sixty Meters to Anywhere*
39. Racing the Rain*
40. Primal Endurance*

2015 Books Read
1. Ready to Run*
2. 80/20 Running
3. Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning
4. Unbreakable: Navy Seal Way of Life *
5. Wild*
7.  The Boys in the Boat* -awesome read
8.  Kiss or Kill Confessions of a Serial Climber*
9.  Killer Athletes
10. Power, Speed, Endurance 
11. Unbeatable Mind
12. Embrace the Suck
13. Natural Born Heroes*
14. Arisen, Book One Fortress Britain
15. Arisen, Book Two Mogadishu of the Dead*
16. Arisen, Book Three- Three Parts Dead*
17. Arisen, Book Four- Maximum Violence*
18. Arisen Book Five- Exodus*
19. Arisen Book Six- The Horizon*
20. Arisen Book Seven- Death of Empires *
21. Arisen Book Eight- Empire of the Dead *
22. Arisen- Genesis*
23. Arisen- Nemesis*
24. Arisen Book Nine- Cataclysm*
25. My Fight/Your Fight*
26. Arisen Book Ten- The Flood*
27. D-Boys*
28. Counter-Assault (2nd D-Boys)*
29. How to Avoid Dying - For as Long as Possible
30. Trudge: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*
31. Boulder Running Journal*
32. Daniels' Running Formula
33. Soldier On: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse*

2014 Books Read

2013 Books Read

7.  14 Minutes*
11.  Juiced*
12.  Training for the Ascent & Marathon on Pikes Peak*
13.  Bo Knows Bo Jackson *
14. The Happiness of Pursuit*
15. Run or Die*
16. Fuck Calories (ebook, not on Amazon)
17. The Monkey Wrench Gang*
18. Fitness Confidential*
19. First: What It Takes To Win
20. Heaven, Hell, and Tyler Curiel: Wasatch Front 100
21. Never Wipe Your Ass With A Squirrel
22. The Summit Seeker
23. Seal of Honor
24. Arctic Glass
25. I Kissed A Sheep
26. Durango to Denver

2012 Books Read
2.  The Long Run- Mishka
9.  Iron War*
12.  The Duel*
16.  The Ledge*
18.  Foundation
28.  Unbroken *
2011 Books Read

2010 Books Read
Did not track my books before 2010. 

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