Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Numbers- Big Month for me

Since the month ends on a Saturday instead of doing my weekly review I will just post the month of January numbers instead.

Just in case you are wondering about the week here you go, still have Sunday to go so will add 2ish hours of trail running most likely so I should be over 16 hours on the week after tomorrow.  Building the base.

Pretty solid month.  Looking back over my monthly hours the past few years this is my highest month total hour wise that I have ever had.  I need to be careful about that and not burn myself out, long ways to go until Leadman starts. (Click on photo to enlarge it)

Thoughts on the month--

1. Weather has been pretty good this month allowing me to get out on the bike more than expected.  Even took a day off work when it was nice to go ride.

2.  Really, really enjoying mixing in riding in my training verses just running all the time.  Yes my total running volume drops, but my overall volume of work increases and my joints don't hurt all the time anymore.

3.  Keeping up my weight training is starting to become a challenge but I am bent on keeping it up.  I think with the mountain bike that it is very important, especially upper body strength.  You do have to hang onto that bike.

4.  None of my workouts this month has been longer than 3.5 hours, need to start increasing the duration of long run/bike a little.

5.  Due to there only being 28 days in Feb instead of 31 days I expect my total hours this coming month to be between 50-55 hours.  Yes I need to really make my recovery week true recovery and NOT drop a 15 hour week like I did this month.

6.  Dropped 5 lbs this month while eating everything insight, guess that is good thing considering that I am stronger in my lifts at the same time so I am not losing strength which is what I truly care about.  I don't care about my weight as much as how I feel and my strength, which has been good.

I know this has been out there for a while now but I just got around to reading it thanks to James.  Of course I was reading at work when the Director of HR and Marketing walked up behind me to ask a question, but I don't give a fuck.  Read it...

Time for some R&R, start of Stout Month and Superbowl watching tomorrow.