Friday, January 2, 2015

Leadman it is. What the hell was I thinking?

Well after lots of discussion with the wife over the past week I did pull the trigger yesterday for my plans for 2015.

Dear Shad Mika,

This email confirms your registration for the 2015 Leadman & Woman submitted on Jan 1, 2015 at 9:26:15AM MST.

We look forward to seeing you race in Legendary Leadville, Colorado!

Leadville Trail Marathon, June 20
Silver Rush 50s, July 11 & 12
Leadville Trail 100 MTB, August 15
Leadville 10K, August 16
Leadville Trail 100 Run, August 22

This is going to be an EPIC (yes I hate using that word) year for me for I just got a "real" mountain bike last year.  I have a lot to learn.  Hell with the through axles this bike has on it I still have not figured out how to even take the back tire off yet.  Suppose I should get around to that.   I was going back and forth between Leadman, finishing the 14ers, or doing a Sept 100 miler like Run Rabbit Run for 2015 but Leadman won out.  There is something exciting about adding the bike and knowing that you just plain suck and having to work up from the bottom.  Honestly as I sit here right now at 5:30am typing this up I really don't know if I can finish the bike races, the thought going down Powerlines with 1000 other people during the 100 mile bike race scares the living shit out of me right now.

I really have been pondering on getting a coach or not to help me through this year but remain on the fence due to the expense of it all but that may change come Feb after I spend this month just getting in some base training, especially on the bike.  I do plan on adding in some 50k's to use as training runs but I doubt I will go any longer than that, I truly believe that 50 milers take to long to recover from and the week of training you lose to that recovery is more valuable than the 50 mile run, it seemed to work last year getting ready for Bighorn.  I did learn something from that year of training under Lucho back in 2012.

Anyways I am planning on trying to keep this more updated as I work through this year.  Happy New Years everyone!