Monday, February 9, 2015

Forced Rest Week

Sometimes I guess you don't have a choice when your rest week falls.   This was one of those weeks.  Started feeling the tingling feeling in the nose on Monday so I wrapped in warm clothes on a 65 degree and tried to sweat it out Lucho style.  Did not work, by Tuesday I was going home from work early where I would sleep from 6pm Tuesday night until 6pm Wednesday night only waking up once to use the rest room.  Since then it has been a battle between head cold, to sinus infection, to pink eye.  Just won't go away.  I know it is not from training to much because my wife is battling the same issues, fun when both parents are sick but the kid did give it to us, he was sick 2 weeks ago.  By the time the weekend came around I said fuck it and just took it off with the intent to restart slowly on Monday.

Anyways my hours for the week.

Even though this was not caused by training to much but by a bug I have been known to over do it in the past at times.  Came across this on Gym Jones and love it.  Posting it for future references.  If you have not heard of Gym Jones Google it and get educated.  This came from his Instagram feed which is where he is most active at.
(Click to enlarge)

Another good reminder popped on my Facebook feed today also.