Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kick Off to Leadman training and 2015

Week numbro uno in the Leadman training and man do I have some work to do!  At the beginning of the week before Leadman opened up I got the bike trainer I have from my triathlon days out of the attic and got it setup just to see how bad my cycling legs are.  Of course none of the 5 mountain bikes we own would fit on this trainer and the only bike that would fit is my wife's road bike, so I guess that is what I am training on until the weather improves and I can move outside on Punisher (my mountain bike).  Maybe I should not have sold my tri bike last summer.

Anyways I discovered that after 45mins on the trainer I am wiped!  I have a long long road ahead of me as far as the cycling goes and honestly I find it exciting.  Much more exciting than running right now.  There is something fun in seeing improvement in leaps and bounds, I am looking forward to it.

Here is a breakdown of my week.  Of course all the cycling was on the trainer so there is no vertical there but it is still hard work.  With the trainer there is no breaks, no downhills, no cruising.  You are always pedaling.  Of course I was off work all week so it will be interesting to see what I can do once back at work, not sure I can pull out 17 hours during a work week but we will give it a shot. 

Have a great week everyone!