Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 2- Trying to Discover the Balance.

"Better to live each day with discipline than to suffer a life of regret"

Not sure where I saw this quote at this week but it has stuck with me as I try and figure out a good training, work, and family balance this past week.  It has been an interesting week trying to fit it all in.  I came close to last week but not quite.  Hope to increase the total hours next week before taking a lighter week.  On a side note I think I am really starting to hate the countdown clock on the right hand side of the blog that I added, it feels like a weight on my shoulders.

The weather this coming week and especially next weekend look really good right now so I need to take advantage of that, especially on the bike and ride a bunch more up Coal Creek. 

Couple of photos I took this week while out and about.

Awesome sunrise on Saturday's long run.  This was taken on the Mesa Trail at the top of Skunk Canyon.  The colors were so much better than what my Iphone could capture.  12 mile run with about 3300ft of gain.

Sunday I parked at the bottom of Coal Creek Canyon and road my mountain bike up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park at about 9200ft and back.  Came across this sign on the road as I was suffering up the hill.  Yes my climbing legs suck right now.  Got some work to do but it will come with time.  Did 25 miles with 3200ft of gain.