Sunday, January 25, 2015

Recovery week? Not so sure of that.

I really hate that stupid countdown clock in the sidebar but it is a motivating reminder.  Yes I will most likely bitch about it through the year.  146 days until the start of Leadman as of this morning.

I flagged this week as a recovery type of week which it was mileage wise but hell every jog or ride felt much harder than it should have.  Not sure what to think, hopefully this next week will be much better.  I cut the bike volume by a few hours, the run volume by about 10 miles , and only hit the weights once this week.   Speaking of weights, I am planning on keeping this up 1-2 times a week up until the Leadville Marathon.  Yes I know it cuts into my total volume/mileage but I just feel better and that is what counts.  My joints aka the right knee doesn't hurt nearly as much when I am doing a bunch of squats and deadlifts every week, I think there is something to that.   This is the knee that I have been struggling with since the beginning of May 2014 so it has been an issue.

Anyways came across this post. A great post by Vernon Gambetta that I need to file away in my mind to refer too.  I will stick to my garage gym.

 "A beautiful weight room with polished floors, tons of weights, machines that go bing, beep and burp surrounded with walls of mirrors all in a strictly controlled air conditioned environment set at an optimum 72 degrees may not be all that it appears to be. It’s not the weight room it is what happens there that matters. Is real coaching going on or is supervision with everyone doing the same program? It’s not the weight room it is the methodology that is employed there, it is the quality of coaching. Ultimately it is how the strength qualities developed in the weight room transfer to the field, track, court or pool. It is a very comfortable and seductive environment that can be a trap. The trap is chasing numbers that result an athlete completely adapted to the weight room environment rather than fully adaptable and prepared for the demands of the sport they are preparing for. The key is to learn to use the weight without getting dependent on it. The weight room is a step toward a “weight room without walls” where you take the strength training to the track, to the pool deck or to the court. This demands creativity and a deep understanding of the sport the athlete is preparing for. The advantage is versatile, adaptable bulletproof athletes who can apply their strength. Use the weight room as a step in the athletes’ development, don’t abuse it."

Back to this week, here is what was supposed to be a "recovery week", looking at the total hours one would have to say that I failed at the recovery week.  I might have to schedule another one sooner that I wanted too.

Summit shot from the top of Green in Boulder during yesterday's 11 mile snow/ice jog.

I started a Facebook Group called "Leadman Class of 2015" a few weeks ago getting the idea from Andy Wooten and it has gotten a great response.  There is 30 something Leadmen/Leadwomen in the group so hopefully some awesome group training will come out of this.  On Sunday a group of us from the Facebook group all meet up at the base of Lookout Mountain and did a few laps up and down the road on the mountain bikes.  

Can you name any of these characters?   

Strava data from today's ride, it was a ball buster.  Of course a ride like today deserved a stop at Mountain Toad Brewery for beers afterwards.