Monday, August 3, 2015

Beginning of Cutting Volume

2 weeks to go to the 100 mountain bike and 3 weeks to go to the 100 run, can't believe that it is here already.  Man the year went fast.  This past week I started cutting down the weekly volume a little but not a lot.  Went from being between 20-25 hours down to about 18 but still got in some decent vertical between the bike and run.

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It was nice cutting back my long ride on Sunday and being done and home by 11am.  It freed up the whole afternoon to allow for zombie hunting training (video below) and for me to take the boy to hockey camp.  Really wanted to get over to Boulder to catch friends doing Ironman Boulder but with the wife being sick in bed I had to do hockey camp duty which was fine also.  This is the first time I have let him shoot my Smith & Wesson 45 ACP, of course it was his favorite one to shoot and the most expensive ammo wise.

Anyways still on the fence as far as the plan for this week.  Should be down to around the 12-15 hour range but a huge chunk of that will be from next weekend pacing my buddy Clyde at Silverheels 100 mile run in Fairplay so the intensity will should be mellow for me, not so mellow for him since I should be picking him up between mile 80-85.  With that said still trying to figure out this week.  One thing is for sure, I need to cut my food intake since my workload is being cut or the weight will shoot back up there quickly.  Think I am in a good spot right now and want to keep it that way.

Quick congrates to GZ who won the burro race in BV this past weekend and Rebecca for powering through all kinds of issues and getting that Ironman Boulder finish.