Tuesday, August 18, 2015

LT100 MTB and 10K

Well I survived the weekend and it went a little better than I thought it would.  Sitting here on Tuesday night tired as hell still so at least I can say that I did not just go do the ride but actually tried and put out a big effort.  Not going to write a long race report but instead going to give thanks to a few people and post some photos from the weekend.  Thanks to Rebecca and Jen for crewing not only me but stepping up and helping my buddy J.P. also.  And of course thanks to Bob for letting J.P. and I crash at his place all weekend.  Great to see everyone out there that came up to cheer on the riders.  Also thanks to Clyde and Kathy for coming up to cheer me on help me with recovering after the race was over.

Finished the 100 MTB in 9:29:45 on Saturday and the 10K in 42:55 on Sunday.  Now onto the 100 run.