Friday, July 31, 2015

July Numbers Check In

Second highest month that I have ever done, June was the highest in total hours but I got in more vertical and miles this month and took 4 days totally off with one down week to recover from Silver Rush weekend.  Pretty damn solid.  About that time to taper, plan is to do 3-4 hour run tomorrow Saturday with vertical and 4ish hour bike ride with vertical on Sunday then start shutting it down.  Been a fun process but I am ready to taper.  Really have to make sure I cut my food intake as I cut down my hours.  Right now I am eating anything and everything.  I have not been this light since I the first few years of high school.

14 days to the 100 bike.

July Numbers (click on photo to enlarge)

Also go the new poster up in the garage gym yesterday. (click on photo to enlarge)