Tuesday, August 11, 2015

4 Days to Go TIme

Well it is race week for the 100 mountain bike.  Full taper mode is now in effect.  Ended up last week doing a little more time wise than I wanted but it was all at an easy pace with the exception of the bike trainer on Tuesday night and the 5K on Wednesday night which I ran a 18 second PR in 95 degree heat. 

Also helped get Clyde to the finish of Silverheels 100 over the weekend both riding around on the bike a little and pacing the last 20 miles.  Note on this course, it is a beautiful course and was very well run for a 1st year 100.  I was actually impressed.  On paper the course looks really hard to follow and was confused when studying to pace but once your out there John did a really good job marking the course and we had no issues at all.  This one maybe in the cards in the next year or two.  Here are some photos from Clyde's effort.