Monday, July 6, 2015

Approaching the Red Line?

Had to dial it way back this weekend after Saturday.  Was on pace this week to hit the biggest total volume week yet but then as I was riding home the long way from Boulder after taking a MTB clinic by going up Flagstaff over to Coal Creek and my right quad started bothering me pretty bad on the climbs.  It feels like a charlie horse in the front of the quad right where in connects to the pelvic.  I notice it mostly when climbing and when standing up to walk after sitting for a bit.  Not good.  With that I took Sunday completely off and went in for a massage to see if that would help.  The only other thing I did all day on Sunday was clean out the inside of the cars, the rest of the day was spent on the couch watching the Tour de France and soccer.  With the 50s coming up this weekend hopefully this heals up quickly.  Might try to jog a little today or not.   Think it is time for a small taper to let things heal up.

Hours for the week.

Wife gets back tonight after being gone for 5 weeks in Europe.  Guess I better clean the house and do some chores now.  The training will be scaling back which may not be a bad thing.  I was wondering what I have done in the 5 weeks since she has been gone so I ran that report.  Not to shabby.  This does not include anything that I do today.