Sunday, July 19, 2015

Recovery Week

This past weekend has forced a much needed recovery week this week which should do me good.  I even took 2 full days off on Monday and Tuesday following this WOD from T-Nation that you can find here.

"Here's a tried-and-true recovery workout for you to try:
A1. Eat – 3 sets of AMPAP (as much protein as possible)
A2. Take a nap – 3 sets of AMMAP (as many minutes as possible)
Perform all three supersets in a row with no rest in between. Pee breaks are acceptable, but you must sit down.
I call this WOD Jack, which is short for jack shit."

Easy this week and then 2 solid high volume weeks before the taper for the 100s.  Did get in a good 51 mile/6000vert ride in Saturday and medium long trail run of 12 miles/4000vert on Sunday which I struggled a little bit with.  Time to get back to work.

Hours this week.

The ride on Saturday was up in Lucho's hood and you wonder why he crushes shit.  This should explain it.  So easy to rack up the vertical up Coal Creek and around Golden Gate State Park.