Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Numbers

As always I feel like I could have done more but with that said it was still a solid month.  I would have liked to hit more miles on the bike and run but I will always say that no matter how much I do.  I know I could jump the total mileage up quite a bit if I spent that 10 hours I spent in the weight room biking or running instead but I am not willing to give that up.  I feel healthier overall and my joints don't hurt like they usually do when training for a 100.  I actually jump out of bed in the mornings verses rolling out of bed all stiff so that is a win.  Did do another 50k this month and my first MTB race which was 50 miles.  Solid 70 hour month, second month in a row over 70 total hours.

(click to enlarge)

May is going to be a big month hour wise I think, I have 2 50Ks, a marathon, and a MTB race planned.  So yes a long race every weekend.  Greenland 50k this Saturday.  Jogging it as a long easy run.   Also taking ideas for a race kit to wear for the MTB races in Leadville.

Going to be a fun month!  Oh yeah- 50 days until the start of Leadman.