Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 13th -19th

Solid run focused week.  Would have been closer to 85ish miles if the weather on Thursday and Friday would not have happened.  I skipped a 10 miler that was planned on Friday due to hail during lunch time and skipped the 2nd run on Thursday.  Did get in a solid run on Saturday doing the Rattler 50K down in Colorado Springs.  Just jogged it out with JT enjoying the day and catching up.  I could feel the volume of the week on my legs so this was good solid work. 

This week is supposed to be a bike focused week with my first ever mountain bike race on Saturday down in Castle Rock.  Needless to say I am a little freaked out about it.  Good to get this freaked out feeling out of the way before the start of Leadman I guess.  Not sure outside of the race how many more miles on the bike I will be able to do this week due to work and life commitments happening this week but I will give it my best shot.  I was thinking 200 miles at first but I think that would be a huge stretch, just hope to be over 100-120 with some running and lifting mixed in.

Totals for this week.

Came across this blog post this week and thought it good stuff to keep in mind as we setup our training the last few months heading into race season.

These are the principles that I use to guide me on journey on the Functional Path:
# 1 Have a current accurate road map - Start with a plan, execute it, and evaluate it constantly
# 2 Think big picture - Build and rebuild the complete athlete
# 3 Fundamental movement skills must be mastered before specific sport skills can be acquired and advanced  training undertaken
# 4 Learn to use the ground - Build & rebuild the athlete from the ground up
# 5 Train the core as the center of the action
# 6 Train sport appropriate - You are what you train to be
# 7  Build a work capacity base appropriate for your sport
# 8  Train Linkage - Connect toenails to fingernails
# 9  Think Long-Term - Training is cumulative
# 10 The individual athlete is the focus - Recognize, train and rehab the individual

Photo credit Pikes Peak Sports