Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Recovery" week... whatever

Not sure this was a real recovery week like it should have been.  Yes the overall mileage from both the bike and run are down but the overall time is only down 2ish hours from last week and the vertical is higher this week.  At least everything this week was at an easy pace with the exceptions of the climbs on Saturday's real mountain bike ride I did at Green Mountain in Lakewood.  Hard to keep the effort low when you are grinding up a steep rocky single track on a bike. 

Overview Hours/Mileage for the week (started tracking mobility/massage work also this week)

Changing the order of my weeks this next 4 week cycle making next week a run focused week since I have another 50K next week down in Colorado Springs, Rattler 50K.  The only goal of the week is to do more run mileage than the last run focused week which was 3 weeks ago in Moab with 60 miles of running and 70 miles of cycling.  This week should be lighter than that on the bike but hopefully heavier on the run.

Mountain biking on Green Mountain in Lakewood

Summit of Green Mountain in Boulder