Monday, May 4, 2015

Not a bad week (April 27-May 3)

I can live with this week.  Would have liked to have more biking mileage but like I said in my last post I am not willing to give up my gym/weights/crossfit time yet but will come mid July.  Good weekly overall volume with the Greenland 50k race thrown in there on Saturday.

Speaking of Greenland 50k it did not go quite as planned.  The goal was to just jog the whole thing with very little walking.  I figured that would be a good goal since the last 2 50k's that I have ran this year I did a bunch of walking due to walking with JT, steep hills, issues, ect.  Well about mile 27 issues started popping up again, yes my famous glass stomach issues.  Every time I started jogging my core cramped and I puked, even downhill.  Now I could have pushed it the last 3 miles and put myself into a deep hole for the next few days but decided since this was supposed to be a "training" run I would just walk it in and live to train another day.  Walked the last 3 miles in about 43 minutes and still finished in 5:02 which is a PR for me on that course. When I got done, I went to the car and chugged a big bottle of Gatorade and laid down for a bit. 30 minutes later I was fine.  Yep, once again I did not drink enough.  Thought I did but nope.  Oh well, lesson learned again for the 100th time.

As I was looking at my weekly volume this week I started wondering where am I year to date?  What have I done since Jan 1st when I signed up for Leadman?  So I ran that report from the training log.  Should be interesting to see what the total numbers are come taper time in Aug.  I don't plan on really tapering for the first events of the series, maybe a mini taper for the 50 ride and run in July.  The real taper will start around Aug 1st. 

This week is suppose to be a "recovery" week but I am really not sure how to approach this once again.  I have been messing up my "recovery" weeks the last couple of times.  I do have a 60 mile MTB race this Saturday which will throw a wrench in the week.  Any suggestions?  I am all ears.

Have a great week everyone!