Sunday, March 8, 2015

That's more like it.

Starting to get back to what I think should be a normal week of 15 hours.  After being sick in February then taking a few weeks to build back up so I didn't run the risk of getting sick again which I did this week anyways.  Started getting a running nose on Tuesday and now I sit here on Sunday with a full blown head cold.  At least this one is only in my sinuses and did not come with the body aches that the last one did.  I feel like I lost quite a bit of fitness for this week was a little bit of a struggle and the ride yesterday up in Coal Creek Canyon was more challenging on the hills than I remember, is that lost of fitness or just due to this head cold?  Good thing there is still lots time to get after it and keep building up volume.

Been really pondering how to move forward with the training plan and trying to fit everything in so that it increases my fitness in both sports and not just bury myself under a mound of fatigue.   How much running? Biking? Lifting?  That is the challenge of Leadman I guess.  Been pondering hiring a coach but not sure if I can spend the $.  Food for thought I guess.

Numbers for this week. (click on the photo to enlarge it)

Enjoy the weather out there this week as this white crap melts and turns everything to mud.  I am ready for some dry trails to ride.