Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back to Forward Progress

Now we are back on track, knock on wood.  Second week in a row of hitting ~15 total hours and the stupid sinus infection is now gone, thank God I am over it. 

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Last week I stated that I was pondering on how to put the plan together.  Up to this point I have been trying to balance it as much as I can which may not be the best the best route. 

James Walsh had the suggestion of following this format:
1. Bike focus week
2. Run focus week
3. Balance focus week
4. Recovery focus week

I like the sound of it.  So I am starting with a bike focus week this week since I am heading out to Moab next week to do a 50K run.  I will give this a shot over the next 4 weeks and see how it goes.  Some of the focus may change week to week or I may change up the order a little due to races that I am already signed up for but it should be a fun experiment. 

Until next week.....