Sunday, March 29, 2015

Red Dirt Fun.

Solid week.

This week was a run focused week with my original goal to be to jump my mileage over 70 for the first time this year but with the Behind the Rocks 50k at the end of the week it did not quite work out that way.  As the week went on I kind of started running a little less in order not to be too tired for the race on Saturday.  I figured since this is my first ultra of the year I wanted to not go in wasted by volume to badly so I cut my planned 10 miler the day before the race and went MTB in Moab instead getting in over a my head a little which was really fun even though I did endo over the handle bars and sprained both of my wrists, good thing I was wearing a pack on Saturday and not using hand bottles.  Anyways here is the break down for this week.  Nice mileage and vertical.

MTB in Moab on Friday-- really need to plan a trip next year where the whole focus of the week is just riding.

Saturday was the longest run I have done year to date.  Behind the Rocks 50K.  Not going to get into a full race report mostly because I am unmotivated to type it all out tonight but basically it went great until about mile 27 when the heat became to much for me, 85 degrees and being in direct sunlight just killed me.  Started puking and quit sweating which is never a good sign so I just walked it in dumping water from one of my bottles over my head the whole time, still ended with a 6:04 which I am ok with.  Now I just need to find another 50K for April.  I think doing one of these a month the next few months will really help the build up to Leadman.