Monday, March 23, 2015

Bike Focused Week

Back to what I would consider a "normal" volume type of week that this Leadman challenge is going to require, pretty happy about that even though I am a little tired this Monday morning. 

Per my last post I stated that I am taking James advice to try and have a little bit of focus each week within a 4 week cycle, those being biking, running, balance, and recovery.  Last week was a bike focus week for me in which I hit my highest weekly biking mileage so far this year, 122.7 miles.  I will take it.  Yesterday I hit the dirt trails of the Dirty Bizmark loop on the bike during my long ride and was able to ride everything that I could not at the beginning of the year, another big win.  Really enjoying seeing such large jumps in improvement with my cycling, I never get to see that in my running anymore it seems.

Anyways here are the number for this week (click to enlarge).

The focus for this week will be running.  Not sure what mileage I will shoot for but will just roll with what the week gives me and how I am feeling. I really do not plan my weeks as much anymore and just do my training based on how I am feeling that day, I am trying to listen to my body so I don't bury myself too bad.  I am heading to Moab on Friday morning to run the Behind the Rocks 50K on Saturday as a long training run so at least 31 miles will come there, should be a solid week and I   should also have some photos to share next week.

Have a great week everyone!