Monday, April 7, 2008

Log for the week of 3/31-4/6

This week as been the best week so far in a long time. With the weather starting to be nice on a regular bases it makes it easy to start upping the mileage. I plan to keep building from this week into my first 50 miler in Buena Vista in 4 weeks. I also have the Greenland 50K in 2 weeks. From here on out it is all about completing Leadville 100. Because of that some of my race times will be slower as I try different drinks, food, and equipment combos to see what will work for me for Leadville.

Here is my log for this week:

Monday: Run 6 miles on the treadmill at an easy pace

Tuesday: Run 7 miles on the road with some small climbing (1 hour)

Wednesday: Run 7 miles on the road with some small climbing (1 hour)

Thursday: Run total 7.75 miles ( 2 mile warmup; 5X800 at 9mph with 400 recovery; 1.5 mile cooldown) Weights for 45 mins

Friday: Run 4.5 miles at Mattew Winters (45 mins)

Saturday: Run 15 miles on the Greenland Trail (2 loops) in 2:10.

Sunday: Hiking for 3-3.5 hours on Mount Yale in Buena Vista (Xtraining)

Total running miles for the week: 47.25

Not a bad week at all. Hopefully next week I will hit over 55 miles for the week and be somewhat ready for the Greenland 50K on April 19th.

Have a great week.