Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weekly Log 3/17-3/23

This week did not quit go as planned. Holidays always seem to make me lazy and eat a lot of food. We went to Nebraska for Easter and all I did was eat junk food and did not run. I was planning on doing 2 hours or so on Easter Sunday but with all the family around and all the junk food in the belly that did not happen. Anyway here is a log for last week.

Monday- Run treadmill 4 miles
Swim for 30 mins
Weights 45 mins

Tuesday- Run 7 miles at Bear Creek State Park

Wednesday- Run 6.5 miles at Green Mountain

Thursday- Run 7 miles at the track (2 mile warmup; 3X800 with 400 recovery; 2 mile cooldown)

Friday-Snowshoeing attempt on Mount Columbia (9.75 hours; 15 miles; 4200 feet of gain) did not summit

Saturday- Run treadmill 6 miles

Sunday- off

Total running miles this week: 30.5 (does not include the 15 snowshoeing miles)

Here is the trip report and pictures from Friday's attempt on Mt. Columbia.

This week has started out badly with me being lazy and eating like crap. It is time to turn that around. We are heading out to Moab on Friday to do some camping and running. Hopefully I can get some miles in. I will have an update on that next week.