Monday, April 14, 2008

Log for the week of 4/7-4/13 (One week to Greenland)

Last week turned into one of the best weeks I have had running since last fall. I finally got in over 60 miles which I have not done in awhile. Now I just need to keep building on that and get in some more crosstraining to get the total hours up. A lot of my time was on a treadmill due to the weather but at least I got the miles in. Here is how my week broke down.

Monday: Run treadmill 6.25 miles; 15-20 min of upper body weight lifting.

Tuesday: Road Run to Morrison and back 14 miles

Wednesday: Run treadmill 7.50 miles. Did 4X45 sec at 15% incline and at 6 mph.

Thursday: Run treadmill 6.25 miles; 30 mins of total body weight lifting

Friday: off

Saturday: Long trail run of 18.25 miles including Green Mountain, Hogback, Matthew Winters, and Mount Falcon. It was a great run! I averaged 6 mph even though there was a crap full of climbing. I will be doing this loop more often and adding on to it.

Sunday: Run/hike with Braden and Ashley at Elk Meadows in Evergreen. 9 miles.

Total miles for the week 61.25.

Next Saturday is the Greenland trail 50K. I am not sure what my approach to this race will be yet. I am thinking that I am going to treat it like a long run and just run it nice and easy. On the other hand that can be against my nature. This course is 4 loops around the Greenland trail system just off of I-25 south of Denver. I went and ran this 2 weeks ago and did 2 laps in 2:05. This pace would suggest a 4:30 or so finish. I think that would be to quick and would hurt my recovery for my 1st 50 miler on May 3rd which is only 2 weeks later. I think I will back off a little and shoot for a 5 hour finishing time so that recovery would be better and I can get in some more high mileage weeks before tapering for a week for the 50 miler in Buena Vista.

I think Ashley on the other hand thinks I should just hammer it to push my fitness up even higher. She thinks that I will recover without any issues. I am not so sure.

Any thoughts from anyone out there?