Friday, April 25, 2008

Log for the week of 4/14 - 4/20 (week of Greenland 50K)

I already posted my race report for Greenland 50K and had some interesting thoughts and comments. Anyway I never posted my log for that week so here we go.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Run 8.25 miles up Apex to top of Lookout Mountain (1700-1800 feet of gain)

Wed: Run treadmill 6.5 miles with 4X800 at 6:30 pace. Lifted weights on total body for 1 hour.

Thursday: Run treadmill 6.25 miles with rolling incline.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Greenland 50K (31 miles) in 5:06 and got a rub down after the race

Sunday: Bike (road) 18 miles for 1 hour 45 mins in Morrison.

Total miles ran this week: 52.25 miles

Overall it has been a good week. Did a lot of treadmill miles due to trying to do a soft surface taper and not risk rolling an ankle or something. Recovery this week has been very good, I will post this week's log on Monday.

Have a great weekend!