Saturday, April 2, 2016

March Check In

Not quite the month I was shooting for leading up to Boston but I will take it.  I was hoping to be more in the range of 340ish miles instead rolled in at just under 300.  There was 4 complete days off from running that were not planned and a few days where I shortened the run that I felt that I needed to otherwise I would have easily been over 340.  Oh well, better to come out with a little less mileage uninjured instead of hurt which I was flirting with a few times.  I had a 3 scares this month, a shoulder from a hard fall at the Salida Marathon, lower back from deadlifting, and currently struggling with either a bruised heel or plantar (can't tell which it is).  Also been struggling with energy levels and motivation in general.  So this has made me become a lot more conservative over the past month than I would have liked.  Think it is good that the taper is almost here.

One thing I was thinking about was even with my lack of doing vertical and trail running the past few months I was able to have what I thought was a very successful race at the Salida Marathon which is a trail race with almost 4000ft of climb and mostly single track.  Maybe just doing quality running and not just putting in the miles on the trail is the way to go.  This will require a little bit of a shift in my thinking after Boston as I try and figure out the best way to get ready for Bighorn 100 in June.  Do I keep up with the quality runs?  Scrap the quality and just focus on vertical and trails?  Do a mixture of both?  Lots to think about, one thing for sure, the bike has to come back into the mix more.  Lucho has my saddle right now doing some custom leather work on it so I am excited to see what the final product is and get that back.

Oh got this in the mail this past week also.  Maybe he is not such a douche after all.  Thanks bud.