Friday, March 18, 2016

Salida Marathon

Awesome day!!  First time running this one and I plan on going back.  Great course with lots of fun single track and great company.  I can't believe that this race has been on the to do list for so many years and I am just now getting it done. 

The plan was just to use it as an easy long run in my Boston plan but ended up running it more like a tempo, not the smartest plan but hopefully I get a small fitness bump from it.  End up 11th overall and 4th in the age group which is not correct, should have been lower but in the overall picture of things it does not matter.  Talking to Nick Clark after the race he stated this course runs 15 minutes slower than the old course so that is promising.  Strava data.

One month to Boston.  Spent this week doing all easy runs to recover from this race then it is back into full swing training for a few more weeks until the taper.