Sunday, April 3, 2016

2 Weeks To Go- Boston Thoughts

Think this is a great theme song for me leading into Boston this year considering everything that is has happened the past 4 to 5 months.  It came on the radio as I was driving home from my last long run today before the taper and just reminded me of everything I had to push through leading up to this upcoming adventure.  I could have easily just scrapped the whole thing and wallowed in self pity but that is not who I am and I'm very lucky to have good friends that remind me of that when it is needed.  This song just seemed right in today's reflections.

Anyways onto the reason for this post, trying to come up with a race plan/goal.  When I signed up for Boston the whole goal was to just break 3 hours, yes I used the word "just" and you will see why here in a second.  Based on workouts the past month or so and input from the GOMs, I've had seed planted in my head that maybe I am short changing myself a bit like I did last year if I am only shooting for a 2:59.  To me 2:59 is hard enough to wrap my mind around considering my marathon PR right now is 3:11 yet alone 2:50 which is the time the discussion has been around.  But based on a long run I did on last weekend (3/27) where on tired/sore legs from running/lifting all week I did 1 mile warmup/ 18 at marathon effort/ 1 mile cooldown so 20 miles total and ended up with a 6:33 average pace including the warmup/cooldown in that average (Strava data).  That has me wondering, am I short changing myself?  Are the GOMs right?  My biggest fear is going out to fast for my fitness and slogging in over 3 hours. That fear was reaffirmed on today's last long run where I was supposed to do a "Steady" 20 miles.  In my mind a "Steady" pace would have been 7 minute miles or so but my average was only 7:26 (Strava data), yes I did get in 1500 feet of vertical, yes it was hotter today than I am used to, and yes it has been a big week for me mileage wise (just shy of 80) with throwing in a lot of intensity work but those are all just excuses in my mind.  It could be hot on race day, it is a hilly course, yadda yadda yadda... excuses. 

So with all that rambling you can see where my head is right now, swimming in BS.  I could go on and on and on but I will spare you that internal talk that I am having with myself right now.  At least the work is done and now I have two weeks to get my head straight, come up with a pacing/fueling plan, and maybe not feel so lethargic every time I run or workout.  Hopefully I will turn the corner this week sometime. At least I am really looking forward to the trip and seeing my college roommate Shawn and his family.  No matter what happens on race day it is going to be a fun and exciting weekend.

That is it for now, at least until I come up with my strategy.  Then I will be back.  Until then, as Donald always says, Peace!