Sunday, April 17, 2016

Almost Go TIme

In 24 hours from when I am typing this I will be crossing the start line of the Boston Marathon.  Almost go time. 

Been struggling with the race plan as far as pace and goals all week.  My left ankle and achilles have been flared up all week.  This is not new by any means, I have been dealing with this on and off since last spring before Leadman.  Just bad timing with it flaring up this week.  So with that said the plan is to go out at about 1:22 to 1:25 for the first 13.1 miles and then see what the second half gives me.  If the achilles is barking hard at me then I will pull up and enjoy the jog into the finish line and chug a few beers along the route.  If all systems are a go and everything feels ok then it is on for time.

Ran a quick report from the log to see year to date on the training, hopefully it is enough.

Some photos I have taken the past couple of days down in Dartmouth MA where and I am staying with my college roommate Shawn along with a few photos from Newport RI where he took me yesterday to hang out.  Kind of nice not to be in the craziness of the city.