Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nov Numbers & Another Race sign up

November has been a month of returning to feeling somewhat physically normal since Leadville.  It has been a struggle as you might have read in GZ's blog, he is not the only one that has been struggling for a few months.  Anyways with that said here are the numbers for November.  There is also 4 cyclocross races and one 6K cross country race included in these numbers so a solid month on the racing side. 

It has been a very challenging month for me on in my personal and work life so I am very pleased with the work that I was able to put in this month.  I struggle with wanting to include stuff from my personal and work life on this blog and start blogging everyday or two but I am just not there.  Maybe someday.  One thing I do want to share is that I am very thankful for the friends and family that I do have in my life, they have helped me more than they will ever know.  They know who they are.  Thank you.

So anyways back to the important stuff!

I think November was a good stepping stone to rebuilding the deep base that I had this summer.  Originally the plan for 2016 was to race Cross Country Nationals in Bend OR in Feb, then Boston in April, then onto whatever 100 I picked for the summer.  Now that has changed due to life.  It was just to hard to get a group of at least 5 guys over the age of 40 to commit to Bend.  Just a challenge with work, families, ect.  So with that I am re-looking at the first 3 months of 2016 and how I was going to approach training.  I did start following a pretty intense 10k training program a few weeks ago to get ready for Cross Country Nationals in Bend but with that now being scrapped, I am thinking I am just going to go back to pure base work with lots of weights thrown in between now and mid February.  Then come mid February switch over to a pure focus on Boston.  Depending on how that training goes will decide what goals at shoot for at Boston, right now I am pondering if I can break 3 hours or not.  So with that thought process and being talked into it by a certain someone (you know who you are), I have decided to end my base phase by doing this as a long training run.

 This is such a fun run even though I remember when it was a hell of a lot cheaper but I love it.  I love going to Moab, one of my favorite places within easy half day drive.

After this weekend I will be able to lay out the rest of 2016 I think, so more to come.