Monday, December 21, 2015

3rd Annual Solstice Grog Slog

Another winter solstice is approaching so that means that it is time for the Annual Solstice Grog Slog.  Another great day out running and drinking with friends.  This year came in at about 25 miles with 7 breweries and a distillery.  Largest group yet, we keep saying that this will be the last year we do this jog but every year it grows.   Go figures.  Think this year we ended up with about a dozen people through out the day, some did the shorter version and some did the whole thing.  We are now down to only 2 people who have completed all 3 of these runs, but I am considering giving someone credit due to him not knowing about the 1st year we held this jog.  That will be for future discussion.

Click here for the write up by GZ along with bunch of photos.   Thanks for putting this together GZ!