Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015- A Quick Review

What a year it was on the playing and racing front.  I owe so many people a thanks many times over for the support that I was given this year I don't even know where to begin.  Thank you!  You know who you are.  So a quick breakdown on the racing and playing front.

Even though my total running mileage numbers were down this year, my total hours were up big time.  Guess signing up for Leadman will do that to you.  Here is how 2015 breaks down.

How does that compare to the past years?  Well this is an interesting view.  Now you can see what I mean by total hours being up big time.  This is comparing the last 8 years in total hours in the top and total miles in the bottom.

Solid year of racing with Leadman being the focus of the whole first 8 months of the year then onto cyclocross.  You can go back and read all the race reports on the year, I am not going to get into them all here.  This was my biggest year yet racing also.  Anyways here is the list of all the organized races and/or events from the year.  Lots of great times and memories this year.

2015 Races
Couple of my favorite race shots from the year

I did not read as many as this guy but still got in a solid 33 books.  Of course half of them were zombie apocalypse themed books that that same guy turned me onto back in June.  Plan of finishing out the series that I am currently reading, on book 3 of 8 then moving onto something new for a while, just not sure what yet.  Thinking of getting into the Jack Reacher books next.

2015 Books Read
1. Ready to Run*
2. 80/20 Running
3. Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning
4. Unbreakable: Navy Seal Way of Life *
5. Wild*
7.  The Boys in the Boat* -awesome read
8.  Kiss or Kill Confessions of a Serial Climber*
9.  Killer Athletes
10. Power, Speed, Endurance 
11. Unbeatable Mind
12. Embrace the Suck
13. Natural Born Heroes*
14. Arisen, Book One Fortress Britain
15. Arisen, Book Two Mogadishu of the Dead*
16. Arisen, Book Three- Three Parts Dead*
17. Arisen, Book Four- Maximum Violence*
18. Arisen Book Five- Exodus*
19. Arisen Book Six- The Horizon*
20. Arisen Book Seven- Death of Empires *
21. Arisen Book Eight- Empire of the Dead *
22. Arisen- Genesis*
23. Arisen- Nemesis*
24. Arisen Book Nine- Cataclysm*
25. My Fight/Your Fight*
26. Arisen Book Ten- The Flood*
27. D-Boys
28. Counter-Assault (2nd D-Boys)
29. How to Avoid Dying - For as Long as Possible
30. Trudge: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
31. Boulder Running Journal*
32. Daniels' Running Formula
33. Soldier On: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Now on to some loose top 10 goals for 2016.
Goals for 2016:
1. Boston Marathon (Shoot for sub 3 hours? Maybe depending on how training goes.)
2. Bighorn 100
3. Finish the 14ers or at least put a dent in it (11 left)
4. Visit my 100th Colorado brewery
5.  Read at least 30 books
6.  Pure fall focus on Cyclocross racing, meaning actually train for it starting in August
7.  Leadville 100 Mountain Bike if I make it through the lottery
8. Support a certain someone at Leadman anyway I can
9. Get a passport, yes I have never had a passport.  I know sad.
10.  Another year of over 2,000 miles running and 3,000 miles cycling