Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Couldn't Resist - LT100 MTB

Got invited into a group that needed 1 more person to fill out their lottery group and I could not resist.  I really want to give getting the big buckle a shot by going sub 9 hours and think it is doable, I did 9:28 during Leadman. But if a certain someone signs up for Leadman I will be out there in a support roll.  We will see.


  1. Sweet Shad. No Leadman then for you?

    1. If I don't get into Hardrock I need to do another Hardrock qualifier for 2017 and since Leadville is not one I will most likely be doing Bighorn again in June or maybe the Bear in Sept. I will make my decisions after the lottery this weekend. Also need to support someone if they decide to go for Leadman since they supported me so much this past summer. Gotta pay it back!