Monday, June 29, 2015

Still Building

That was an unplanned higher volume week.  My plan was to have a "down" week to recover from the marathon but after a couple of easy days at the beginning of the week due to sore quads I decided just to roll with what ever I could get in at an easy pace.  When up in Leadville for the marathon Bob told me that the place was mine for the following weekend if I wanted it and that my dogs were welcomed.  Had to jump on that, so took Friday off and headed up on Thursday night returning on Sunday morning.  This is what caused the volume jump this week.  Very pleased with that and yes, this is now my biggest week ever time wise by just a few minutes.  With 2 days left in June this month is setting up to be my largest time volume month ever too.  I will post on that later in the week after the month is over.  Need to put in one more solid week this week then a mini week longer taper for the 50s and before my wife returns next Monday the 7th.  I can't believe how close the 50s and my wife returning really are.  Speaking of the 50s, below is a photo from the course right by the Iowa Amphitheater. so check out that mess. 

This week's work.

So I was thinking since I have Friday off from work due to the 4th of hitting up something in either Indian Peaks or maybe even Longs Peak on Friday and/or Sunday if anyone is interested.  Hit me up if you are interested in joining in.  It will be at an easy pace but not so easy that we are gone for hours on in.  I have about a 9-10 hour window including travel time with the dogs so I will be moving to stay within this window.

Photos from the week.

 Sunset view from Bob's front deck.  Mount Massive.  Summit shot from up there down below.  Thanks again Bob!

 50 course recon, most of this should be melted off in 2 weeks but it will be wet.

 Went over at the end of my ride and hit up the bottom 1/3 of the Powerlines.

 View from the top of Mount Massive looking west.  Clyde and I had a great day for an easy climb up to about 14,500ft.  Third weekend in a row that I have been over 13,000ft.

Morning dog hangout at Bob's place.  They had a shit ton of fun up there.