Monday, June 15, 2015

Much Needed Recovery Week

Felt really wore out last Sunday so decided to make this a recovery week which I have not had for 5 weeks averaging 19.5 hours a week during that time.  It was over due.  Felt lazy doing so especially after reading this article from Gym Jones.  A lot of truth in that article even though it gets a little extreme when applied to endurance sports I think. 

Anyways the hours for this week.  Not much but a good solid effort at Mount Evans Ascent in 2:12 for 1st in age group and a solid bike ride on Sunday.  Would have rode longer on Sunday but the saddle sores I developed at ERock the previous were hurting like hell.  Need to get those healed up so riding might be light the next week.

The first Leadman race is this Saturday with the marathon.  As of right now we will be running the same course as they did in 2014 so I don't have to hear JT bitch about it being a different course.  Not sure how I am going to train this week.  Make it a running week and train through the marathon, make it an easy week, ect.  Still pondering that.  Feeling somewhat normal this morning for the first time in over a week so not sure if I want to push myself back down the rabbit hole, maybe I should?  Isn't that part of training?  Lots to ponder still.