Sunday, May 31, 2015

Over 20 and 80- Biggest so far!

Biggest week of the year.  Finally broke the 20 hour barrier for the week.  Very pleased with how the volume and work is coming together even though The Dirty Thirty 50K was shorter than expected yesterday due to being a dumbass.  I missed a turn and reran a loop twice. 

Breakdown for the week

Now quick over view of the month of May and before you ask, yes this Leadman training is turning into a part-time job.  This was my biggest month EVER time wise (82 hours!).  I am very pleased where I am at right now.  Got a PR on the Greenland course, marathon PR at Colfax, and a 10K PR at Bolder Boulder.  Yes it ended with a DNF due to getting off course at Dirty Thirty but that was just a planned training run anyways and I was felt great the whole time which is a win in my book.  Things are coming together.

I am thinking June should be about the same maybe a little bit more more due to the family being out of the country for the whole month and that I am flying solo.  About 8 more weeks of solid training time before the taper for the 100s and lots more work to do.  Gotta keep training smart and listening to my body.