Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Recovery Focused (May 4-10)

Pretty cool that I came across this article at the beginning of a "recovery" week.  There are a lot of things in here that I need to get better at.  Yes I know that it is gym focused but this can be applied across the board to any athlete.

Key points for me to think and focus on.

1. Better stress management - I get worked up and stressed out over things that I just need to let go.  How can I tell things are starting to pile up?  When I start yelling at other drivers on my 8 mile drive commute to work.  I mean really?  It is only a 15 minute drive.

2. Recovery Practices- Really really really need to be better about getting work in EVERY night on the roller or with the stick.  I was doing good for about 2-3 weeks and felt great.  Need to really focus on this the upcoming months leading into Leadman.

3. Recovery workouts-  Been doing ok here but could be better.  Easy means easy.  A lot of time my recovery jogs turn into a moderate effort and I need to knock that off.

Best quote from the article to think about: "The training is the easy part. What happens the other 22 hours of the day is where the battle will be won or lost. Remember that when you leave the gym, the real work begins."

I know I have posted this before from Gym Jones but love this chart from the article. (click to enlarge)

So as far as this week goes.  All of the god damn rain this week really kind of forced it to be more of a recovery week than in past recovery weeks I have planned.  First of all the MTB race that was scheduled for Saturday was cancelled due to mud.  Yes I had a 60 mile MTB race planned on a recovery week.  Little more gym time this week due to the rain but that is all good and a great jog Sunday with JP and James at Lair O' Bear.   Overall it was a good recovery week.

Click to enlarge

This week will be a more "run" focused week with the Colfax Marathon coming at the end of the week.  Not planning on racing or running for time but just to use it as a long run.  Been wanting to run it for a few years for fun so figured why not.  Not sure yet what mileage goals I will shoot for this week on the run and bike but just play it by ear daily.

Have a great week everyone!