Friday, April 2, 2010

Dash -n- Dine 5K series

I have been thinking that this year I should do some shorter races to try and improve my speed a little. I think the year that I was was in the best shape I have ever been which was 2007, I did more shorter races.

So with that thought process I signed up for a series of six 5K's that are held out at the Boulder Rez every Tuesday night. My hope is that I will set a 5K PR over the series and get in one of the first 2 waves of the Bolder Boulder. Of course my 5K PR is not that great as you can see on the side of the webpage so I should be able to bring that down a little. I would be great to get it under 20 minutes.

So all you Boulder fast runners you better watch out! I am gunning for you.

Link to the race website:

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  1. Trailrat - just thinking speed is nice, but I'd be more concerned about that mileage right now, you got less than 20 weeks to Leadville-, a decent base but you still have a long way to go. If you do the 5ks skip the track work outs you do not need them both, and they will interfere with the heavey mileage. much more important to get those back to back long runs and more than a few 50 milers- 100 miles isn't over in less than 20 minutes... Also don't want to be waiting at turquoise lake and not seeing you. Just say'n