Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dine-n-Dash #1 5K

Well ran my 1st non-snowshoe race of the year last night out at the Boulder Rez and it went a little better than I expected. I really did not know what to expect since my running volume had taken a hit from starting this new job while I am figuring out how to balance it all and the fact that I have only done one track workout about 2 weeks ago. The track workout was nothing intense at all, just some 10X100, 5X200, and 2X400 so I could work my way back into some sort of speed. With that I figured anything under 24 mins would be a good start to this 6 race series.

Got there about 5:50ish and after getting ready, I walked/jogged around Coot Lake with Neal for about 25 mins as a warmup. I wanted to run a little more than I did but I just was not feeling it.

The cowbell went off and I tucked behind two guys who were running side by side so they could do all the work going into the 20-30mph winds that were whipping off the water. I hit the 1st mile in 6:25ish and thought what the hell! With that I felt maybe I have a shot at breaking 20mins which is my goal to do in one of these 6 races. The 2 guys that were breaking the wind for me started to hurt and slow down from the wind so I passed them and I was on my own from there.

After the 180 degree turn around I started eyeballing people in front of me. First was a guy in a long sleeve black shirt that I passed shortly (within quarter mile), about here is when I saw Neal kicking some ass heading toward the turn around. My next target was a local named TK who I meet a few years ago before he got kicked out of the Boulder Trail Runners. He is pretty quick and I have never been able to beat him in a race or keep up with him when our paths cross.

Passed mile 2 in 13:03ish still keeping TK the same distance from me, I just could not close on him. The last 1/2 mile hurt as we went across the last dam straight into the wind. Sucking air big time and having a major side ache I crossed the finish line in 20:06 according to my watch, 20:10 according to the race watch. I finished the same distance from TK as when I started trying to catch him, just could not close it out.

That is a PR for me by over a minute and 45 seconds! Huge! Of course this is the first 5K race I have ran since 2006. I am sure if I would have ran one in 2007 or 2008 I could have easily broken 20 mins. Hopefully it lead to some better times over the next 6 weeks. I want to beat TK just one time during this series and break 20 mins for 3.1 miles.


  1. The guy who got kicked out of the BTR had me cracking up. Ah, TDK.

    Nice job on the PR and you will break 20 in your next outing assuming there is not that crazy ass wind we had yesterday.

  2. Well done, Shad! Congrats on the PR.