Monday, March 22, 2010

Being a Stressed Out Slacker

I know that I have not posted on here in quite a while but I am still maintaining this site to a certain extent. I have been updating the race list on the side of the blog with new races that I have completed or signed up for but that is about it. You see it has been a challenging past 4 months or so.

In the middle of November 2009 I was informed by upper management at my job of 9.5 years that I was being laid off and my last day would be December 23rd. What a great Christmas present huh? Needless to say I kind of fell into a little bit of a depression and had a very hard time accepting the realty of the situation. I started working on my resume and applied for what I could that last month that I was in work without any real success. My hope was that after Christmas and the New Year the job searching would become a lot easier in Q1. With that I just took some real time off and enjoyed the holidays as much as I could.

Well anyway to make a long story short, I did not have internet at home and when at the coffee shop I was looking for a job not writing on my blog, hince the 2-3 months of silence. I spent those 8 weeks off work running, snowshoeing, and job searching. It was not bad now that I look back on the time while sitting at my new job that I started at the beginning of March. I am very, very thankful that I was able to find a new job in today’s environment so quickly but I do wish I could have had a longer period of time off. It was nice not to really have to plan my runs out but just go when I felt like it since I had all day. I guess it is time to come back to the real world.

Now I am finally looking forward and I am very excited for the future that I see for Ashley and myself. I think we are finally on the road that we have been working towards the past 2-3 years. We are happy where we are living in Boulder. Braden is in a great school with lots of friends and playing a wide range of different sports. Ashley is working for a fire department and I am working for a great Medical Device manufacture, Medtronic which is only a 6 mile drive from the house. Things are starting to look up a little for us. Now I think I can start picking my races for this year so stay tuned, and I promise I will do better with updating this every now and again.




  1. Hey - they are in Louisville right? Pretty close to my digs. Maybe we can get together for some miles. The Davidson Mesa is a great place for runs.

  2. Hey Shad - Congrats on your recent work/family life successes! Yours was on my list of blogs to check periodically - good to see you back in business. Interested to see what your plans are for the season. I'm in for Leadville this year and am already scared! Well anyway, hope to see you out there sometime, take care.

  3. GZ- They are in Louisville, right off 36. I actually went at lunch today and ran on the Coal Creek trail behind the building here. Not to bad. I would like to go check out Davidson Mesa, never heard of it. Maybe sometime before work? Not sure if you run in the am or not. Gerber and I were also talking about doing track run at Monarch in the am starting next week if you are interested.

    Leila- Good to hear from you. You will do just fine at Leadville. I am also eye balling that race so we should be crossing paths at races leading up to Leadville. Not sure what races I will do leading up to it but I will post them on the side bar as I figure it out. Take care and keep in touch.

  4. Congrats on the new job, man! Let me know if laps on Bergen Peak are ever again in the offing. I may do a couple of those runs between now and Lake City in June.


  5. Jim- Thanks dude! I would be up for laps on Bergen Peak again, we should plan that next month sometime. But if I am going to drive up there for Bergen laps that means you have to come do some Bear Baggin (laps up and down Fern Canyon).

  6. About time you updated this thing. I'll try not to hurt you too much at HR so you have a shot at Pb.

  7. Davidson Mesa is just up Mcaslin, north a bit. We should hook up for a run. My office was over there, very close to where you were, until recently. The Coal Creek Trail has nice reaches both east and west - you can get to some good runs heading east through Superior. Keep me in the loop.

  8. Man, really glad to hear about the job. It took me over half a year to find a job when things were good. I hope things continue working out for you.

  9. JT- We will see brother.

    GZ- I ran east 3 miles then back yesterday on the Coal Creek, not to bad. My personal email is, drop me a line.

    Jeff- Thanks dude, it took me 8wks, not to bad.